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Our autonomous UV Disinfection Robot emits concentrated UV-C light onto pre-defined high touch hotspots, aimed at reducing the transmission of diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms.

By using smart technology we are able to disinfect hotspots quickly and efficiently while eliminating more pathogens than previously thought possible.

Our automated system keeps your workers healthy
by reducing their contact with virus hotspots.

UV-C radiation is clinically proven to eliminate
surface pathogens.

Breathe clean air with an inbuilt HEPA filter that
eliminates air-bourne pathogens.

Safeguard against labour shortages and
minimise manual cleaning with our automated system.


Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robots With UV Air Purifier

Bringing Significant Benefits

Compared with traditional cleaning techniques, Automated UV Robot offer several benefits:
  1. Less labour intensive to use: once in position, an Automated UV robot will perform the job without the need for further control.
  2. Less need to resource on-going supplies of disinfectant and to replace cleaning equipment.
  3. More comprehensive access: a UVC robot can go into spaces and clean areas which are difficult to access manually or through other cleaning methods, cleaning behind objects if necessary.
  4. Safer to use: because the robot doesn’t use chemicals, sprays or other cleaning products.
  5. No electrical outlets restrictions.
  6. Works 24×7.  UV Air Purifier during the day and UV disinfection during the night.
When it comes to disinfection, human error can cause inconsistencies and the process is labour intensive. We have developed an automated disinfection solution with the help of an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) , UV-C lights and our proprietary AI powered sensing software. UV-C light kill germs and pathogens by destroying their DNA structure effectively while the AMR is able to recognise humans and objects as it manoeuvre its route. This disinfection method has been well tested and deployed by many clinics worldwide.

Cleaning the places which manual disinfection may not reach

Although cleaning a flat surface is relatively straight-forward using traditional disinfection methods, the picture becomes more complicated when oddly shaped or smaller areas are considered. Fixings and fixtures such as the side of pipes nearest the wall, door handles, leads, plug sockets and similar can all be overlooked using classic disinfection methods. Small areas which are touched frequently (such as light switches or door handles) can present a particular challenge when it comes to infection control. A 2017 study from the American Journal of Infection Control suggests that UVC cleaning could be the answer to this. The study indicated that there is potential for UVC disinfection to be used on high-traffic, smaller surfaces with irregular contours that may not respond particularly well to standard cleaning, or which may be accidentally missed.


Automated Far UV Lift Disinfection System. The UV lights and sensors are positioned throughout the lift to disinfect the lift surface buttons and handle bar. Introducing the 222 nm Far UV-C excimer lamps for microbial reduction. FAR UVC uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to kill bacteria and inactivate a vast range of viruses. UVGI is commonly known as UV disinfection. The system has already been deployed in many unoccupied spaces.    Click here for video Handheld UV Disinfection Wand Handheld UV Disinfection. Our Wand is proven and certified to remove 99.9% of all your germ woes. Chemical free and designed to have it carried on the go.  Reduced harmful germs to stay healthy and safe.


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