Safe Entry

Our Feature

Integrating turnstile control, intercom technologies and automated checking processes, the SafeAccess system relieve the human manpower from the mundane job of monitoring visitors entering the building.

Building owners can now open up more entrances to give visitors more conveniences in entering their buildings.
Operation staff support the system via the SafeAccess App which can attend to any issue at the gate, but also receive alerts of any predefined situation (such as a visitor with fever)

Should the system detects any irregularities, messages will be flashed to inform the visitor of the error. Access will be granted only if the situation has been rectified.
In the case where a visitor with fever is detected, the system will advise the visitor to step aside and at the same time, capture an image of the visitor and send to the duty staff to alert him of the situation. Staff can moved in to clear the situation.